MASS MoCA River Rehab (2011)

Proposal for the rehabilitation of the channelized river which runs through North Adams, MA. Exhibited as part of a show at MASS MoCA.

What was once a living, though polluted river, has been channelized and allowed to decline. Situated near MASS MoCA, this habitat would act as an attraction to show the efforts of the river rehab. The main purpose is to attract crayfish back to the area and encourage a healthy ecosystem to grow. The installation also works as a bridge, stitching together both sides of the riverfront. Human interaction is allowed to raise awareness of the environmental issues present.

Crayfish are naturally attracted to the calcite minerals in marble. Using locally available marble from a quarry nearby, crayfish habitats will be constructed along the channel. These habitats would act as “stepping stones”, enticing the cray fish to move further inward toward the main installation. Protrusions of marble seem to grow out of the channel itself, as well as up and over into the public spaces. Depending on need, these become planters, viewing platforms, steps, or crayfish habitats.

(G2 Year)

View toward MASS MoCA
Looking across from the viewing platform
Stepping into the habitat
Interior elevations
Site diagrams