Mullet Haus Triplex (2011)

A “triplex” house that’s business in the front, party in the back.

Created as part of a larger group of masterplanned duplexes and triplexes. While the other houses took the approach of sculptural-object-in-the-landscape, I opted instead for a house which was more introverted. The Mullet Haus turns its back to the street, offering up only a walled-off court to passerby. From the street level, you can catch glimpses of three gabled roofs, looking very conventional. Once you enter the courtyard however, you realize that what you thought were three traditional houses are in fact a connected, elevated complex. Passing through the house to the rear leads you to a pedestrian street and park. It is here that the house shows it’s true nature. From this vantage point, the three child’s drawings of a house (pentagram) have transformed, giving each occupant a unique identity. Each apartment gets its own roof terrace and back porch with steps leading to the pedestrian path.

All drawings were inked by hand, and the model was made without machine-aided assistance such as laser cutters. A stop motion animation was created for the presentation.

(G3 Year)