“The Star War” Masterplan (2011)

Masterplan for 15 duplexes and 15 triplexes designed by my peers.

Most masterplans focus on the tourist; important views are given to the automobile on the roadways, and buildings are treated as sculptural objects in a landscape. This masterplan is focused on the residents, and changes with the seasons. Trees and other landscape features cut off views from the individual houses. During the colder months, when the trees shed their leaves, residents will have direct views to their neighbors. It is then that they will be able to draw conclusions as to the connections between their houses. This avoids the common problem of “getting it” immediately. The residents may not realize it for years; it will take time to notice commonalities.

The houses were arranged on two grids, one for duplexes & one for triplexes, according to pseudo-formal relationships. These grids were then compressed and expanded into fans. To further complicate things, these two grids were slammed into each other, creating further relationships between buildings. At points where the grid lines intersected, a landscape feature was added.

Inked by hand on drafting vellum.

(G3 Year)